Mr. HE

    Mr. HE is your lover from the future. Whenever you turn him on, he changes his personality. Sometimes he's romantic, sometimes clever or cocky, sometimes funny and seductive or simply obsessed with your beauty and sensuality. Sometimes he is captivating, sometimes he is captured by your touch. HE will always be at his best, ready and willing to be amazing.
  • Wireless Charger

    Double motor driven.

    FeelReal patent pending technology.

    Pick up Mr. HE just as you would a white shell on a beautiful ocean beach. Enjoy the freedom of being anonymous and at one with nature--without annoying wires or cords between you and the source of your pleasure. The OstinatO vibe is beyond what you’ve ever experienced. It delivers varying combinations of pulsing and passion that can be felt inside and out. Twin motors provide differing levels of intensity for different areas of the body. Express your excitement by applying differing levels of pressure to your device as your feelings dictate. The harder you press, the more the paired device will reflect your excitement.

      Ms. SHE

      Ms. SHE is mysterious, alluring, SHEis more
      than attractive. SHE knows her erotic potential.
      SHE knows how to please her man. Approach
      her in ways that will surprise her. Be creative.
      Be playful. Be adventurous. You’ll be rewarded
      for your passionate attention.
  • Adjustable Tension

    Exchangable Core Design

    Motion and pressure senors

    Too tight or too loose? Not a problem. Our patented pending technology let users control how the experience feels to them. You’re in full control and it’s all in your hands. Every new exchange begins with a fresh start. There is no mess to deal with and no mood-altering clean-up. Simply enjoy the touch of very first time, everytime. Go deep. Reach her bottom and her rising flesh. Innovative motion and pressure sensors will let your remote lover know just where are inside her and what you are doing there.




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    OSTINATO will be launched as crowd funding project onIndiegogo in June. Only early backers can get the best deal! Stay informed, don’t miss the deal!